4th Paris Grandmaster Camp 2018

All seminars of the Grandmaster Camp will be directed by
KWF Grandmaster Mikio Yahara

Assisted by
KWF Deputy Grandmaster Malcolm Dorfman, 9th Dan
KWF HQ Full-Time Instructor Masamichi Otsuka, 6th Dan


2018 Paris Grandmaster Camp Trailer

For this fourth edition of the Paris Grandmaster Camp, Yahara Mikio sensei 矢原 美紀夫 will be assisted by Otsuka Masamichi sensei 大塚 正道, 6th dan and KWF HQ full-time instructor.

Special guest: Malcolm Dorfman sensei, KWF Deputy Grandmaster.

You will find all the necessary information for your registration on yahara-paris.com

Keiko Hajime 稽古始

Tout d’abord, bonne et heureuse année 2018 à tous !

Le premier entraînement de l’année – Keiko Hajime  稽古始 – aura lieu le mardi 9 janvier à 20H45.

« The reason why I set ichigeki hissatsu as my philosophy is because Karate is Budo, and the philosophy of Budo is to kill or be killed and there is no space for sentiment. »